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zorawar engro 50kg map phosphate (50%) and (10%) nitrogen engro  fertilizers  زوراور اینگرو mono ammonium phosphate

engro zorawar

engro zorawar or mono-ammonium phosphate (map) is a compound fertilizer with high content of phosphate (50%) and (10%) nitrogen.

it is in granular form and acidic in nature, having high solubility and efficiency compared to other phosphatic fertilizers. engro zorawar supports seed germination, strengthens root development and improves tillering in wheat, rice and sugarcane. in addition, it also helps in improving grain health in cereals, gives more flowers and better fruiting in cotton, vegetables and fruit trees. efert is the only company which imports map in the country. due to white color, it has testosterone cypionate for sale less chances of adulteration. it is marketed in a 50 kg bag.

the zorawar engro 50kg map phosphate (50%) and (10%) nitrogen engro fertilizers ø²ùˆø±ø§ùˆø± ø§ûœù†ú¯ø±ùˆ is a product of engro. the category is fertilizers and subcategory is basic fertilizers

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