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voliam flexi 300sc 80ml syngenta pakistan ltd 200g/ltr thiamethoxam + 100g/ltrchlorantraniliproleسنگینٹا پاکستان لمیٹڈ

voliam flexi



pack size: 80 ml

composition: 200g/ltrthiamethoxam100g/ltrchlorantraniliprole

formulation: sc (suspension concentrate)

mode of action: contact

voliam flexi is the only integrated solution used for spraying paper on many crops safely. it is highly effective and extended to all insects, absorbent insects, worms. it possesses the characteristics of two active ingredients with different mechanisms of action, chlorantraniliprole and thiamethoxam. the insects affected by voliam ® flexi quickly stop feeding and moving. you do not need to mix more than one pesticide if there is more than lesion and is suitable for harvest period and export crops. the pesticide should not be sprayed during the period of bee activity.

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the voliam flexi 300sc 80ml syngenta pakistan ltd 200g/ltr thiamethoxam + 100g/ltr chlorantraniliprole fungicide plant disease control is a product of syngenta pakistan limited. the category is pesticides and subcategory is fungicides

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