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virtako 40wg (wettable granules) 40gmورٹاکو 200 g/l thiamethoxam + 200 g/l chlorantraniliprole syngenta pakistan ltd  سنگینٹا پاکستان لمیٹڈ

virtako 40 wg

crop protection, insecticide

authorisation number: fpa registration no. 011-416-2681

pack size: 40g

composition: 200 g/lthiamethoxam200 g/lchlorantraniliprole

formulation: wettable granule

mode of action: thiamethoxam: group 4a insecticide chlorantraniliprole: group 28 insecticide

virtako® 40 wg is a new generation granule insecticide which provides excellent and long lasting protection against chewing and sucking pests.


target pests / rate of application

registered crops target pests application rate sachet/16l

rice stemborer, blackbug, green leafhoppers 1

corn fall army worm 1.5

tobacco tobacco budworm 2


highly effective against sucking and chewing pests such as stemborer, black bug in rice and fall army worm in corn

provides protection for up to 14 days

copied from

the virtako 40wg (wettable granules) 40gm ùˆø±ù¹ø§ú©ùˆ 200 g/l thiamethoxam + 200 g/l chlorantraniliprole syngenta pakistan ltd is a product of syngenta pakistan limited. the category is pesticides and subcategory is insecticides

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