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sop engro 50kg sulfate of potash powder engro fertilizers سلفیٹ آف پوٹاش

engro sop

engro sop is a premium, chloride-free form of potassium that can be applied as a straight fertilizer.

engro sop is available in both granular and powder forms, targeting all potash loving crops such as potato, maize, sugarcane, wheat, rice, cotton, vegetables, fruits, orchards and tobacco. engro sop contains potassium (50%) nutrient and sulphur 17.5%. engro sop not only improves quality and crop yields, but also makes plants resilient to drought, frost, insects and diseases. it is marketed in a 50 kg bag.

the sop engro 50kg sulfate of potash powder engro fertilizers ø³ù„ùûœù¹ ø¢ù ù¾ùˆù¹ø§ø´ is a product of engro. the category is fertilizers and subcategory is basic fertilizers

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