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 Insecticide Guide: Sivanto 300ml and Sivanto Prime 200SL by Bayer Crop Science

Sivanto 300ml and Sivanto Prime 200SL Flupyradifurone Insecticide, manufactured by Bayer Crop Science, are innovative solutions designed to combat various crop pests effectively. These insecticides belong to the category of pesticides, specifically targeting harmful insects that threaten the health and yield of crops.

Crop Pests Controlled:



Sivanto insecticides provide protection against silverleaf whitefly, a common pest that damages cucurbit crops such as cucumbers, melons, and squash.


These insecticides help manage greenhouse whitefly infestations, preventing damage to eggplant crops.

Peppers (Capsicums & Chillies):

Sivanto products control green peach aphid and cotton aphid, which are notorious for causing damage to pepper plants.

Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans:

In vegetable production, Sivanto insecticides effectively control silverleaf whitefly and green peach aphid infestations, safeguarding potato, sweet potato, and green bean crops.


Avocados, Mangoes, Papaya:

Sivanto insecticides protect fruit trees from pests like fruit spotting bug, banana spotting bug, mango planthopper, and green planthopper, ensuring healthy fruit production.


These insecticides manage the macadamia lace bug infestation, safeguarding macadamia nut crops.

The effectiveness of Sivanto insecticides lies in their active ingredient, Flupyradifurone, which disrupts the nervous system of targeted pests, ultimately leading to their demise. Additionally, Sivanto products have a favorable environmental profile, posing minimal risks to beneficial insects and non-target organisms.

Partnering with Bayer Crop Science ensures access to cutting-edge agricultural technologies and solutions tailored to the specific challenges faced by farmers. By incorporating Sivanto insecticides into integrated pest management strategies, farmers can mitigate the impact of pests on their crops, leading to improved yields and profitability.

Find Sivanto 300ml and Sivanto Prime 200SL Flupyradifurone insecticides at Mehran Agri for effective pest control and crop protection. Trust our products for superior quality and reliability in safeguarding your crops against pests.



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