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crop enhancement

pack size:  800ml

composition: amino acids

formulation: sc (suspension concentrate)

mode of action: systemic

a product of natural origin for the balanced nutrition of plants, which can be used both foliar and through irrigation water. it is composed of a mixture of free amino acids and short and long peptide chains and promotes root growth and vigorous development of the buds, induces a greater flowering, promotes the pollination and fruit set of fruits, and improves the quantity and quality of the harvest. quantis is the result of the transformation of natural collagen through a process that meets the highest standards of production and quality.

quantis is a naturally derived biostimulant incorporating a combination of organic carbons, potassium, calcium and energy source carbohydrates, in the form of sugars and amino acids, that contribute to mitigating drought and heat stresses on the plant.

the quantis 800ml bio stimulant syngenta pakistan ltd کوانٹس سنجینٹا is a product of syngenta pakistan limited. the category is plant growth regulators and subcategory is amino acids

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