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 Boost Your Wheat Crop with Puma Super 500ml

Puma Super 500ml is a special herbicide made by Bayer Crop Science for wheat fields. It helps control weeds like wild oats, lesser canary grass, and yellow bristle grass in pastures. This ensures your wheat crop grows well and gives you more grain.

Puma Super is formulated with Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl, a powerful active ingredient that targets weeds post-emergence, inhibiting their growth and ensuring the healthy development of wheat crops. Its specialized formulation allows for effective control of a wide range of weeds, including tough-to-manage varieties like wild oats, lesser canary grass, and yellow bristle grass in pastures.

Benefits of puma Super 500ml:

Better Weed Control:

Puma Super kills weeds, so your wheat plants can grow without competition. This means more and better-quality grain for you.

More Time to Apply:

You can use Puma Super over a longer time, making it easier to fit into your schedule.

Top-Quality Wheat:

By stopping wild oats in perennial ryegrass, Puma Super helps you grow wheat that’s good enough for export.

Healthier Pastures:

Puma Super keeps yellow bristle grass under control in pastures, keeping your fields healthy and bringing in more money.

How It Works:

Puma Super works after weeds have started growing. It stops them from getting bigger, so they can’t compete with your wheat.Puma Super 500ml 69 G/Litre Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl is a post-emergence herbicide specifically designed for use in wheat crops. Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl, targets and effectively controls weeds such as wild oats and lesser canary grass, which are common threats to wheat crops.

The herbicide works by inhibiting the growth of weeds after they have emerged, disrupting their normal metabolic processes and ultimately leading to their demise. This allows the wheat plants to thrive without competition from invasive weeds, resulting in higher yields of better quality grain.

How to Use:

Mix Puma Super with water as directed.
Spray it evenly over your wheat field.
Use it when your wheat plants are at the right stage of growth.
Avoid spraying on windy days to make sure it goes where it’s needed.

Comprehensive Support:

With Puma Super 500ml 69 G/Litre Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl and Mehran Agri working together, you can have confidence in the success of your farming endeavors. Our collaborative approach ensures that you have access to the latest agricultural innovations and best practices, empowering you to overcome challenges and achieve optimal results in your fields.


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