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p1429 hybrid corn seed pioneer brand 3500 kernels cortiva brand seed corn spring corn ہایبریڈ بیج بہار یہ مکئی

species: zea mays

variety: p1429

kernel size: f16

not less than 90%

expiration date with

package size: 35,000 kernels

country of origin: usa

seed treatment: fludioxonil and metalaxyl-m



• average 20-22 kernal rows with attractive grain colour

• cob placement in the mid of plant

• compact cob, stay green character

• phd (proven highly digestible) hybrid, also recommended for silage

• crop is ready to harvest in approximately 115 days after seed emergence

optimum sowing time: 

• mid december – end march for punjab

• october-mid february  for sindh


fertilizer application (per acre)

time of application      nitrogen (n)     phosphorous (p) potash (k) zinc (zn)
during land preparation 2 bags dap 2 bags sop


2 bags mop

5-6 leaf stage 1 bag urea 6kg znso4 33%
8-10 leaf stage 1 bag urea
14-15 leaf stage 1 bag urea
at flowering 1 bag urea



• for more yield use recommended fertilizer after soil analysis, for soil analysis contact pioneer representative.

• to get 1 mound yield of corn “1 kg nitrogen” 1/2 kg phosphorus” “1 kg potash and 35 gram zinc” are recommended.


estimation of plant population (22ft or 4 karam)

     distance from bed to bed planting distance from plant to plant plant population in 4 karam plant population in per acre

for bed planting


22 inches 9 inches 30 plants 32,000
24 inches 8 inches 33 plants 32,000
for furrow planting 27 inches 7 inches 37 plants 32,000



• in order to know the correct plant population, repeat this process thrice in one acre.

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