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nutri compost 40kg natural compost qarshi industries pvt ltd agri and horti deptt.

what is compost?

composting is the transformation of organic materials through decomposition into a soil like material callsed compost.

nutri compost offers a natural source of essential nutrients to promote vigorous plant growth, bountiful yields, and brilliant flowering. best for all-purpose turfs, vegetables, flower gardens, and fruits.

what is compost?

composting is the transformation of organic materials through decomposition into a soil-like material called compost.

what is nutri compost?

it is an organic natural manure obtained by decomposition of herbal raw material waste of natural medicines and qarshi gardens.

it is 100% natural organic manure with environment friendly, safe and non-irritating organic matter. it improves the structure and texture of the soil, enabling it to better retain nutrients, moisture and air for the betterment of plants. nutri compost provides many benefits as a soil amendment and a source of organic matter by improving soil’s biological, chemical and physical characteristics.


composition of nes and qarshi

it improves the t to better retain nt of plants. nutri amendment and a soil’s biological,

benefits of nutri compost:

reduces soil compaction and increases root growth increases population of beneficial soil microbes

improves plant health and growth rates

increases soil fertility and nutrient levels

• acts as buffer to change soil ph

• quickly comes into equilibrium with the soil

• enhances plant disease suppression

reduces nutrient losses and improves cation exchange capacity

greatly improves the soils ability to absorb and store water

• reduces bioavailability of heavy metals


lab tested 100% natural odour free alterna use

it is vegeta


nutri compost

chemical free

fully sanitized

weed free


nutri compost possesses an array of physical, chemical and biological properties, which are difficult to find in any other single product.

organic farming and nutri compost:

organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.

organic farming is a need of the world population as it is safe and free of dangerous chemicals. it is beneficial for health and helps in reducing many diseases.

furthermore, organic produce can usually qualify for higher prices than non-organic products that can increase the economic status of the farmer.

organic farming focuses on the production of crops through natural practices by using farm yard manure organic compost for sustainable agricultural development. therefore, agri & horti division of qarshi initiated the production of nutri compost in order to provide 100% benefits to the farmer using alternative natural fertilizer.

uses of nutri compost:

it is useful equally for all types of plants (fruits, crops, vegetables, trees, herbs, shrubs, grass in lawns and ornamentals).

chemical composition of

nutri compost:




organic matter 42%

nitrogen 👎 12%

phosphorous (p) 7.5% of

potassium (k) 0.4%

moisture content 45%

ph 7.5 d in

the nutri compost 40kg natural compost qarshi industries pvt ltd agri and horti deptt. best soil for home gardening is a product of qarshi industries pvt ltd. the category is tunnel farming and subcategory is garden soil & fertilizers

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