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key benefits of pioneer® brand 11c33 silage inoculant

1gm for 1ton

50gm for 50ton

100gm for 100ton

pioneer® brand 11c33 corn silage inoculant contains a unique blend of patented and/or proprietary next-generation lactobacillus buchneri and lactobacillus plantarum strains. it is available as a water-soluble product in packaging suitable for use in tank mixes or with the pioneer appli-pro® systems. it is also available as a free-flowing, granular formulation for easy and convenient application.

reduced heating and improved silage quality

pioneer® brand 11c33 corn silage inoculant is designed to reduce heating, increase bunklife and improve silage quality by providing low terminal ph and a desirable vfa profile.

enhanced fermentation

pioneer® brand 11c33 corn silage inoculant enhances fermentation in whole-plant corn silage, delivering an improved fermentation acid profile which helps to enhance aerobic dry matter recovery and preservation, and minimize dry matter losses.

reduces shrink loss in grass silage

pioneer® brand 11c33 corn silage inoculant reduces shrink losses during feed by more than 3 percent when compared with a control group. it also remains cooler for much longer periods of time when exposed to air.

proven results

11c33 ph and aerobic stability trials chart

11c33 shrink loss in high moisture corn chart

11c33 treatment effects on bunklife chart

the 11c33 cereal silage inoculant pioneer ( alfalfa/grass/cereal silage inoculant ) corteva is a product of pioneer. the category is livestock and subcategory is cereal silage inoculant

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