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curacron 1litre 500g/l profenofos syngenta pakistan naya sawera

a highly effective product for the control of lepidoptera and has knockout capabilities specially targeting sucking insects. curacron is formulated with the active ingredient profenofos and is an ideal partner for tank-mix or ready-mix with established and new products. after feeding on a curacron treated plant or crawling over a treated leaf, the pest is first paralyzed and then quickly dies. with broad spectrum capabilities and extended history of good performance it is used worldwide on cotton and vegetable fields and is also considered a cost-effective solution for the growers.

target pest: white fly(adults), jassids & thrips, bollworms
& mites, mealybug

the curacron 1litre 500g/l profenofos syngenta pakistan naya sawera is a product of syngenta pakistan limited. the category is pesticides and subcategory is insecticides

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