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Cabriotop Fmc 1kg 60WDG: Comprehensive Crop Protection

Introducing Cabriotop Fmc 1kg 60WDG: a reliable fungicide formulation containing Pyraclostrobin (5%) and Metiram (55%). This potent blend provides effective protection against fungal diseases, supporting healthier crop growth and higher yields.

Active Ingredients:

Pyraclostrobin (5%) + Metiram (55%)

Target Crops:

Strawberry, Onion, Potato, Tomato, Cucumber, Melon, Citrus

Effective Against a Range of Fungal Diseases:

Grey Mould:

A common fungal disease affecting many crops, characterized by grayish fuzzy growth on plant surfaces, especially in humid conditions.

Leaf Spot:

Causes circular or irregular spots on leaves, leading to defoliation and reduced photosynthetic capacity.

Early Blight:

Typically affects tomato and potato plants, causing concentric rings on leaves, leading to premature leaf drop and reduced yield.

Late Blight:

Particularly devastating to potato and tomato crops, causing dark lesions on leaves, stems, and fruit, often leading to complete crop loss.

Powdery Mildew:

Forms a white powdery growth on plant surfaces, inhibiting photosynthesis and reducing plant vigor.

Downy Mildew:

Affects a wide range of crops, causing yellow or brown patches on leaves and reducing yield and quality.


A disease affecting citrus crops, leading to gumming of the bark and reduced fruit quality and yield.


A fungal disease affecting cucumber and melon plants, causing wilting and eventual death of plant tissues.

Pack Size: 1kg for Convenient Application

Formulation: Water Dispersible Granule (WDG)

Mode of Action: Dual-Action Approach for Enhanced Protection

Pyraclostrobin: Acts by disrupting fungal cell respiration, leading to the death of the pathogen.

Metiram: Forms a protective barrier on plant surfaces, preventing the germination of fungal spores and their penetration into plant tissues.

Benefits of Carbotop Fmc 1kg 60WDG:

Systemic and Translaminar Activity: Enables the product to penetrate plant tissues and move within the plant, providing thorough protection.

Rainfastness for Sustained Efficacy: Ensures that the product remains effective even after exposure to rain or irrigation.

Preventative and Curative Control: Can be used both to prevent fungal infections and to treat existing infections, providing flexibility in disease management strategies.

Supports Sustainable Agriculture Practices: Helps to minimize the need for multiple applications, reducing environmental impact and the risk of resistance development in fungal populations.


In conclusion, Carbotop Fmc 1 kg 60% WDG by BASF emerges as an indispensable tool for farmers seeking effective disease management in orchards and vegetable crops. For growers looking to safeguard their crops and maximize productivity, Cabriotop is the trusted solution.Buy from Mehran Agri to access this reliable fungicide and elevate your crop protection strategies.


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