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Ferterra 4kg FMC Pakistan: Revolutionizing Pest Control in Agriculture

Ferterra 4kg by FMC Pakistan stands as a beacon of innovation in the agricultural sector, providing farmers with a potent tool to safeguard their crops. This granular insecticide is designed to combat a variety of pests, ensuring the health and productivity of crops. Its active ingredient, Rynaxypyr®, sets it apart with its unique mode of action, offering both efficiency and safety in pest control.

Active Ingredient: Rynaxypyr®

Rynaxypyr® (Chlorantraniliprole) is the active ingredient in Ferterra. This compound belongs to the anthranilic diamide class of insecticides and is renowned for its effectiveness against a broad spectrum of pests, particularly in rice crops. It works by activating the ryanodine receptors in insects, causing paralysis and death, while being safe for non-target organisms and the environment.

Key Features

Ferterra 4kg boasts several key features that make it a preferred choice among farmers:

Broad-Spectrum Control:

  • Effective against major pests like stem borers and leaf folders.

Long-Lasting Protection:

  • Provides extended control, reducing the need for frequent applications.

Safe for Beneficial Insects:

  • Minimal impact on beneficial insects and non-target species.

Environmentally Friendly:

  • Low toxicity to humans and animals.

Mode of Action

The unique mode of action of Rynaxypyr® involves disrupting the muscle functions of pests. By binding to the ryanodine receptors, it causes uncontrolled release of calcium in muscle cells, leading to paralysis and death of the insects. This targeted approach ensures that pests are effectively controlled without harming beneficial species.

How to Use

  • Using Ferterra 4kg is straightforward:

Application Timing:

  • Apply at the early stages of pest infestation for optimal results.


  • Use the recommended dosage as per the guidelines provided on the packaging.


  • Broadcast the granules evenly across the field or apply directly to the base of the plants.

Partnership with Mehran Agri

Ferterra 4kg’s impact is further amplified through its distribution by Mehran Agri, a trusted name in the agricultural supply chain. Mehran Agri ensures that farmers have access to high-quality products and the necessary support to maximize their crop yields. By partnering with Mehran Agri, FMC Pakistan extends the reach and reliability of Ferterra, making advanced pest control accessible to farmers across the region.

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