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Belt 480SC Insecticide: Your Shield Against Crop Pests at Mehran Agri

Shield your crops from the threat of insect pests with Belt 480SC Insecticide, a potent and reliable solution available at Mehran Agri. Designed to combat a variety of pests including aphids, leafhoppers, and whiteflies, Belt 480SC delivers targeted and effective control, ensuring the health and productivity of your crops. Its advanced formulation offers long-lasting protection with minimal impact on crop health, providing growers with peace of mind and confidence in their pest management strategies.

Active Ingredient:

Belt 480SC Insecticide is a potent solution designed to combat a variety of insect pests, offering effective control and protection for crops. Its active ingredient, flubendiamide, targets and disrupts the nervous system of insects, leading to their demise. With its systemic action, Belt 480SC provides thorough and long-lasting control, ensuring that crops remain safeguarded against damaging pests.

Key Features:

Targeted Pest Control: Belt 480SC targets a wide range of insect pests, offering comprehensive protection for your crops.
Long-Lasting Effectiveness: With its extended residual activity, Belt 480SC provides continuous pest control for sustained crop health.
Crop Safety: Gentle on crops when used as directed, Belt 480SC minimizes the risk of phytotoxicity and ensures plant health.
Easy Application: The liquid formulation of Belt 480SC allows for convenient and precise application, ensuring thorough coverage and effective control.
Trusted Quality: Backed by Mehran Agri’s commitment to quality and reliability, Belt 480SC is trusted by growers for its performance and efficacy.

In conclusion, Belt 480SC Insecticide is the go-to solution for protecting your crops from a wide range of pests. With its targeted approach, long-lasting effectiveness, and easy application, it’s the perfect choice for farmers looking to safeguard their crops’ health and yield. Trust in Mehran Agri to provide you with top-quality products like Belt 480SC, ensuring your crops stay healthy and productive throughout the growing season. Shop now and experience the peace of mind that comes with effective pest management.


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