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Amistar Top 200ml, 600 ml

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AMISTAR Technology is the world’s best-selling fungicide. Offering preventive, systemic and curative activity, Amistar® Top contains two fungicides to provide broad-spectrum control of many important vegetable, rice, cotton, citrus, and tree nut diseases, including leaf spots, blights and powdery mildew. The product contains a robust combination of AZOXYSTROBIN and DIFENOCONAZOLE. Azoxystrobin inhibits spore germination at the early stages of fungal development, this confers excellent protection against invasion by fungal pathogens and Difenoconazole is taken up by the plant and acts on the fungal pathogen during penetration and haustoria formation. Long duration control of multiple diseases leading to higher yield & greater ROI. Environment Friendly & Safe for beneficial insects, outstanding rain fastness. It is recommended to apply the product early avoid irreversible crop damage.


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