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Are you seeking an effective way to safeguard your valuable crops and maximize your agricultural yield? Look no further than Acephate 75%SP 400gm, now available at Mehran Agri! Our powerful insecticide promises to be your go-to solution for crop protection, ensuring healthy plants and bountiful harvests.

Proven Effectiveness:

Acephate is a tried-and-true insecticide known for its exceptional efficacy in controlling a wide range of pests that threaten your crops. With a 75% concentration of Acephate, our product delivers rapid and reliable results.

Whether you’re dealing with aphids, thrips, whiteflies, or other troublesome insects, Acephate 75%SP 400gm provides comprehensive protection for various crops, including fruits, vegetables, and field crops.

Long-Lasting Residual Control:

Our specialized formulation ensures long-lasting control, reducing the need for frequent applications. This not only saves you time but also minimizes the environmental impact.

Applying Acephate 75%SP 400gm is a breeze. Our product is designed for easy mixing and application, making it suitable for both large-scale farming operations and smaller, hobbyist gardens.

MehranAgri Quality Assurance:

When you purchase Acephate 75%SP 400gm from Mehran Agri, you’re investing in quality. We source our products from trusted manufacturers and conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure you receive a top-tier insecticide.

We are committed to sustainable agriculture. Acephate 400gm is formulated to minimize harm to beneficial insects and the environment, promoting ecological balance in your fields.


Protecting your crops doesn’t have to break the bank. Acephate 400gm offers cost-effective pest control solutions, helping you maximize your profits.

At Mehran Agri, we understand the challenges farmers and growers face in today’s competitive agricultural landscape. Acephate 75%SP 400gm is here to empower you with the tools needed to secure your crops and increase your agricultural productivity. Trust in our commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Order Acephate 400gm today and experience the difference in crop protection. Invest in your agricultural success with, your trusted partner in farming solutions!

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