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vendona is a fast-acting pyrethroid insecticide that quickly and effectively eliminates disease-causing insects. with its active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin, fendona® is one of the most effective indoor residual sprays for protecting public health in regions where malaria and other vector-borne diseases are present.


benefits of vendona:


quick and effective

long-lasting, residual control

strong safety profile

approved for food processing areas

pq listed by the who for malaria control

broad spectrum control

vendona for urban pest control:

the control of mosquitoes and other disease-carrying vectors is a blic health prioritytop pu, but vendona is also used by pest management professionals around the globe to control a wide spectrum of other insects, including nuisance pests such as flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, sand flies, termites and fleas.

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the vendona 10%sc 100ml ( alpha-cypermethrin ) is a product of vantage. the category is household products and subcategory is pest control

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