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talstar 10ec bifenthrin 500ml fmc insecticide | miticidewhat insects does talstar kill?
kills over 75 kinds of pantry pests, crawling and flying insects and controls a wide range of hard-to-kill insects including: moths, ants, black flies, carpet beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earwigsfleas, flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, beetles, spiders, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets,
what is talstar good for?
the name talstar p/talstar one means one professional solution for everything: talstar insecticide kills over 75 insect pests and can be used for indoor pest control, outdoor pest control, food handling areas, turf and ornamental treatments, in the yard as a yard spray to treat fleas or other yard pests
technical specification
technical name bifenthrin 10ec
mode of action contact and stomach action
target pests bollworm, whitefly, green leaf hopper, leaf folder, stem borer, termites, sucking and chewing insects
major crops rice, cotton
dose/acre 400 ml/acre


the talstar 10ec bifenthrin 500ml fmc insecticide | miticide is a product of fmc. the category is pesticides and subcategory is insecticides

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