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Icon 10cs Syngenta

Icon 10CS, the leading crop protector, partners seamlessly with Mehran Agri for a comprehensive solution to safeguard your crops. Developed with 9.5% lambda-cyhalothrin, Icon 10CS is a liquid concentrate easily mixed with water, making it farmer-friendly.

Mehran Agri, known for its commitment to innovative agricultural solutions, endorses Icon 10CS for its efficacy against various pests like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs. This collaboration ensures that farmers benefit from both the reliability of Icon 10CS and the expertise of Mehran Agri.

With enduring protection lasting 6-9 months, Mehran Agri recognizes the significance of Icon 10CS in promoting sustainable farming practices.

As both entities prioritize user satisfaction, Icon 10CS, with its low odor and non-staining qualities, resonates well with Mehran Agri’s values. Together, they simplify crop protection, offering farmers a powerful yet user-friendly solution to nurture healthier and more productive crops year-round.



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