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ferti gold 10kg ici potassium sulphate 50% sulphur 17.5%
product category:    macro nutrient

chemical composition:    potassium sulphate 50%

target crop:cotton, rice, maize, sugarcane, wheat, potato, tobacco, vegetables, orchards and other field crops.

target benefit:

supply of potash


crop dose / acre time of application
cotton 10kg 70-80 days after crop sowing
wheat 10kg 40-45 days after sowing
rice 10kg 40-45 days after nursery transplant
maize 10kg 4-5 leaf stage and repeat after 10 days
sugarcane 10kg 60-70 days after sowing and repeat two times at 30 days interval
potato 10kg 50 – 60 days after germination and repeat after 10 days
tobacco 10kg 35 – 45 days after transplanting
vegetables 10kg fruiting stageand repeat after 10 days
orchards 100gm/plant first: after fruit formation second: at peas size stage third : at the size of egg


  key features:


  • ferti gold is ideal product for flood application/fertigation.
  • ferti gold is a pure, highly concentrated, fully soluble fertilizer
  • ferti gold is highly efficient in curing or preventing potassium deficiency
  • ferti gold has sulphur along with potassium, which is necessary for plant growth
  • ferti gold helps the plant to transport food and nutrients within plant.
  • ferti gold is free from harmful salts like chlorides.
  • ferti gold improves quality, size and yield of vegetables & field crops
  • ferti gold increase shelf life of vegetables & fruits.

 pack size:10kg  

the ferti gold 10kg ici potassium sulphate 50% sulphur 17.5% sop potash fertilizer is a product of ici pakistan. the category is fertilizers and subcategory is imported fertilizer


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