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advantage 20ec

crop: cotton rice apple

dose/acre: 500-1000 ml400-500 ml30 ml/100 low

advantage 20%ec is a broad spectrum insecticide for insect control in several crops. advantage is a systemic, broad-spectrum carbamate insecticide registered in more than 80 countries. advantage is a unique chemistry provides superior control of pests in rice cotton and other crops to maximize yield and quality. the protection provided by advantage helps the farmer to fight off most of the sucking and lepidopterous insect pests like aphids, thrips, hoppers, borers etc.

disease/pest: bollworms, jassid, aphid plant hoppers codling moth


the advantage 20%ec carbosulfan 1lite fmc is a product of fmc. the category is pesticides and subcategory is insecticides

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